Jersey’s best attractions

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Tamba Park is one of Jersey's top attractions. Set in the beautiful countryside it features a Rainforest themed indoor adventure playground and restaurant, Dinosaur trail, Micro boats and more.

Tamba Arcade is a state of the art modern arcade, where you win tickets in exchange for prizes in our redemption shop. Stocked full of great prizes, you will always find something to take home with you!

Cafe Quest is Jersey's newest Cafe joined to Tamba Arcade. We offer a great build your own burger menu that is great for meat lovers and vegetarians alike. Choose from 100's of combinations.

Quest Escape Rooms (situated inside Cafe Quest) is a Crystal Maze style cryptic brain teaser. Trapped in a room you have to work together to solve the puzzles, find the treasure and escape to freedom.

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Ruff’s Kitchens is a charity set up to feed vulnerable children at school in Zimbabwe. Funded by the Tamba Experience attraction's, it currently feeds over 10,000 children every day.

The charity was launched in April 2012 and is run by the Ruff family. To date the charity has set up 7 kitchens in schools across the country. Each child within these schools receives a nutritious, porridge based meal packed with vitamins, which the children love. As a result of this, the schools in which Ruff's Kitchens are operating have seen a rise in attendance and are reporting that the children are learning and developing more. This is all down to one simple meal each day.

Ruff's Kitchens is making a huge difference to many lives, schools and communities in Zimbabwe. Due to the positive impact already made by the charity, there are plans to open more kitchens and by 2018 the aim is to be feeding over 20,000 children each day across 30 schools! ...more